Be resilient.
Be unstoppable!

Take your digital transformation to the next level... discover new ways to empower employees, engage with customers, and innovate to grow your business.

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Digital Transformation - People, Process, & Technology
At Project3, it’s our mission to innovate with small to mid-size businesses and nonprofits who share in our ambitions to...
  • Embrace digital technology
  • Build strong communities
  • Engage employees
  • Elevate customer experiences
  • Stay relevant
Connecting people with innovative processes and digital technology for business resilience is our passion. Aaahhh... harmony!
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Digital transformation is the journey of integrating digital technologies into every aspect of your business. We help you evolve your business culture with methodologies that balance the critical components of people & processes with digital technologies. It's the power of 3!
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It’s all about the people!
Combined with your team and those intimate with your daily operations…we’ll be your inspiring sidekick for advice and implementation to ensure people are at the heart of your digital culture shift.
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Process - people working in an office on their process


Step by step!

Reimagine your processes for repeatable success and continual improvement. We’ll listen to you and study your strategies to assist your team in designing impactful processes for a scalable workflow.
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All the tech!

Emerging digital technology is everywhere. We’ll help you evaluate which level of implementation is best suited for your business, so that your investment works harmoniously with your people & processes.
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We did it! Innovation using technology.

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Innovate. It's fun!
We’ll help alleviate the daunting task of digital transformation and be your handy Swiss Army knife. Trust us, geeking out with digital innovation is fun!
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